Written by GOD Teaches Us how to Love…


In response to the need of the times , Holy Trinity School Foundation committed to work for the total human development and the building of Christian Community.

1.To build a K-12, Junior High and Senior High schools for the young and adult where authentic Christian values and the Trinitarian modeling of the Triune God be integrated with the whole educational system particularly in establishing an industrial, digital and other forms of practical entrepreneurship with all its academic and non-academic activities that would uphold the dignity of each person, alleviate poverty and enhance the gifts of one another for the building of a just, humane and Christ – centered world through its graduates.

2. To provide an excellent education but affordable fees for the K-12, Junior High and Senior High levels with a holistic formation that touches every person , every relationship and every learning experience of the poor students.

3. Foster a deep, tender solid faith and devotion to the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary among the school staff, parents, students, friends and benefactors, in all ways possible and in all opportunities offered especially in the field of evangelization.

4. Instill in the hearts of the students genuine love and service of their neighbor as an outflow of their love for God.

5. Reach out to the parents and staff through the students for their on-going family Christian formation as one of the means to assist the learner’s growth and development.

6. Adopt a personalized education where the young/adult is respected and educated as an individual with all the uniqueness of his personality — seeing him or taking him as a child entrusted by God, hence maximizing his potentials: spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and social capabilities.

7. To form the spiritual image of Christ in the pupils/students committed to our educational care and religious instruction to allow them to see and enjoy in us the reflection of God’s love and the Blessed Mother’s loving and patient care for our Lord Jesus.


Written by GOD Teaches Us how to Love…

a community deeply imbued with the Gospel values particularly with the Trinitarian Spirituality in the midst of the modern world through authentic Evangelization and Christian Formation, establishment of an advanced Education and creative Training practical/Industrial/ technological) towards the realization of our vision and goal for the fullness of life in the Most Holy Trinity.


Written by GOD Teaches Us how to Love…

To live life in its fullness in our total communion in the Most Holy Trinity and with one another as one family: “Kapamilya”.

(Ref: Jn.10:10/17:21)


Motto - One in Love


For this, the Minores Ancillae Sanctissimae Trinitatis or MAST Sisters (Little Handmaids of the Most Holy Trinity), a Religious Community in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, dreamed to build a school where authentic education be integrated in their mission of evangelization especially among the poor people of God.

The Holy Trinity School Foundation strived to build a Christian, industrial / practical and technological School. It is a Catholic School committed to the education and formation of the needy children of God for the total human development of each person and for the formation of Christian community into images of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, where love, unity, peace and prosperity abounds.

Therefore, the school provides opportunities for their God – given talents (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social) to be recognized, appreciated, enhanced and

used to develop themselves as co-creators, co-redeemers and co-builders of God’s Kingdom in the families/communities in the world. Through this, we hope that the dignity of each one child of God may be raised up and justice and prosperity may flourish as our way of building God’s kingdom in the world.

The HTSF as a small family of the Holy Trinity believes in its call and duty to contribute towards the transformation of the world through its graduates as the latter help renew the face of the earth into a humane and Christ-centered family/community.

To sum up: The Holy Trinity School Foundation of Tagbilaran City is a school committed to the Christian education of the needy Children, offering a total human development for each child of God… a school enlightened by faith and moved by love and real knowledge of truth, gathers all into unity as one family in following the modeling of its Patron, the Holy Trinity. This is the school whose dreams and vision centered on a genuine Christian life, touches every person, every relationship and every learning experience especially among the poor ones.

Written by GOD Teaches Us how to Love...

Thank You and Appreciation

The MAST Sisters and HTSF staff headed by Sr. Monica Bermiso, MAST are very grateful to all who supported the School Foundation especially to the Bishop of Tagbilaran, the PACEM Fathers and Brothers, Fr. Ruel Pangan, PTGA, Government Leaders, Boholano Senators, Governors, Congressman, Tagbilaran Mayors and other City Officials, Humanitarian individuals and Families in the Community.

We also extend our gratitude to all HTSF benefactors, local and overseas, donors, sponsors and fund raisers especially Mr. Martin Danao, Ernie and Elda Las Pinas, Regina Dela Cruz, Didi Herrera, Dra. Calinica Semense, Rose Alcantara, with their Families, Friends and anonymous supporters. Special thanks to Fr. Tony Astudillo and friends who supported the MAST and this Foundation in many ways.

God continues to touch people to assist us in building/re-building and developing this School Foundation. One of the people who responded the present needs of the school are Mr. and Mrs. Ng (through Vicky Austria) with Mr. Co and friends. They help us now rebuild the HTSF H.E. and Canteen building, that was totally destroyed by the termites.

We are also grateful for the upcoming sponsors and benefactors for the repair / renovation for the first HTSF building which is partly damaged by termites. We hope that there will be more generous people who will help us for the renovation of the said building.

To all of you: Thank you for helping us provide the needy children a safe place to enhance their growth and learning abilities where they can be exposed to a varied program of activities in a Christian way. Through the renovation of the HTSF building you are helping us fulfill our primary concern for total development of each child that they may grow with Christian values – loving the Father in experiencing Jesus as friend and brother in daily life through the continuous work of the Spirit, and the training of their God-given academic skills/abilities. Together with their families as mission partners, we are happy to serve these needy children especially in the foundation period of their life upon which the future will depend. With your help, we can provide them with a good start in life centered in the Most Holy Trinity.

We look forward to a harmonious and fruitful working relationship with you as co-builders and mission partners of this School of love. God bless you all! All for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity!