Caring for Orphans

Holy Trinity Poverty Alleviation Foundation (HTPAF) was founded by
Sr. Monica Bermiso and run by the Minores Ancillae Sanctissimae Trinitatis (MAST) Sisters.
It was in 2006 that HTPAF started its services. Adoption of orphaned children with unfortunate historical background was given a priority. Some of the orphans were found on streets, in hospital, homes, public restrooms and one was seen inside a garbage bin.

This had triggered the foundation to find means to alleviate the life condition of the children. A warmth and secured environment were provided to the orphans. Their poster parents are compassionate and loving. All these are contributory factors to the total development of the child.


Supplemental Feeding

Hunger and malnutrition are some of the effects of poverty. These conditions had proliferated in s cyclic movement from generation to generation in some sectors of the Philippine society. The HTPAF with its commitment to alleviate hunger and malnutrition, conducted a feeding program to malnourished children in some areas of the Province of Bohol.

The continuous feeding activities to the needy children is dreamed to develop healthy individuals, who will soon form a established community to  contribubte a successful country. 



Free Education and Special Training

Education is one of the factor that determine an individual’s life success. Poor people are deprived of the access to quality education, in both academic and vocational training. In response to this need, the HTPAF opened a school for children at different schooling age level. The orphans were given the priority. The school program has been pattered from the Department of Education Curriculum of the Philippines.


Housing and Relief Disaster Assistance

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” Providing sustainable livelihood programs enable us to alleviate poverty. We match individuals and families with the business community for a particular  product or skill-sets that can provide an income stream for our poor community. We also provides assist in finding funding that can finance small businesses. Over the years we have assisted over 20 families in finding self-sustaining income streams such as becoming Motorcab drivers. Bake shops owners, Piggery and Goat farmers and other small scale business ventures.

Livelihood Program

The main objective was to provide skills training in the area of Food Technology, Motorcab driving, annd swine and poultry raising. The skills learned were used to start a small scale business in the community. The foundation provided the funding assistance for the seed capital.

Over the years, 20 families were able to avail of the given opportunities. The foundation made a follow up and supervision in their business so that sustainability of income will be attained.

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